Dennis Böckmann

Using Pow With Rvm 1.19

Since rvm 1.19.0 there is a alternative way to specify a project related ruby version and gemset through the files .ruby-version and .ruby-gemset instead of the still valid use of the .rvmrc file. The .rvmrc is of course as before the default configuration for rvm, but it requires to be trusted, as it could contain any shell command. Further the recently supported files are compatible with other ruby version managers like rbenv or chruby.

Terminal Prompt With Git Branch

The console of Mac OS X, is just like any unix console. It’s very powerful and can simply be customized over the preferences of the terminal application and by setting environment variables like PS1. So here is a picture of my current terminal.

As mentioned before, it is a combination of preferences and some variables. So here is my current setup a bit more detailed.


So here is my blog inspired by Gentle Bytes and their blog post “Moving from Word Press to static content”. In which they describe there way from WordPress to PieCrust. PieCrust is a PHP based static website generator to “bake” websites. They also mentioned a post titled “Blogging With Octopress” written by Matt Gemmell. Ultimately convinced by Matt Gemmell and Octopress I setup this blog.

I like the clear look, the simplicity and file based attempt very much. Also the fact that the whole content can be administrated, managed and provided with some nice techniques like Markdown, git and SSH. Just check out the well done documentation of octopress for the possibilities.